About Us

We are located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province which contains the world largest
wholesale market of general merchandise. Over 13 years in the Chinese market we
fully understand Chinese Business Ethics and we interact between our clients and
the suppliers to facilitate and finalize all business transaction in the term of A‐A
NHG understands that international customers have unique businesses with very
special needs. Our dedicated professionals are experts in sourcing the best
manufactures to supply the best product’s price range based on the customers
NHG offers Business services and solutions we work as mediators between our
clients and manufactures in disputes related to produced low product quality, delay
in production or delivery, packaging problems.
Warehousing and Logistics Many clients purchase goods from local market and
they fail to gather it and ship it, so we help our clients to receive the goods in our
warehouse, load it and ship it.

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